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Trademark Coffee Blends

At Kicco we’re exited about great coffee! We believe espresso is an art, not a grind. We’ve sharpened our roasting skills to give you the most authentic coffee experience around. Kicco coffee is hand roasted in small batches locally. This process, and our attention to detail is what makes Kicco consistent, fresh and full of flavour. As well as our signature blends, we also provide a variety of single origin and specialty coffee for all the different types of coffee lovers.
Luxuria Enigma Matisse Organico Decaf Organic  
Dark, rich & intense. Delicately balanced
with a cocoa finish
Robust, aromatic & alluring with dark chocolate
mooth and mellow.
Well rounded with a pleasant aftertaste.
Creamy & seductive.
A full bodied organic
with smoky overtones.
Decaf Organic
Swiss water processed.
A medium-bodied,
full flavoured organic.